Psycho Doge Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Token


$PSYCHODOGE is a hyper-deflationary Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token dragging you from the screaming depths of memecoin hell and misery and rocketing you to smiling your ass off all the way to the moon and beyond! No “buy-back” bullshit, no “rewards in BNB”, no fancy fuckery…

It’s simple: hold $PSYCHODOGE, and get rewarded with MORE $PSYCHODOGE, for FREE with every buy and sell transaction! Check out more on our Whitepaper! (here).


Because simple and honest works! If you look at any multi-billion dollar project – they have a nice low tax and very basic tokenomics that NEVER break. 

We would never implement any type of “buyback” tokenomics that “stop massive sell offs” (they have never actually worked – EVER), no “rewards pool projects” that dry out after the first day and continually sell off to nothing after that. We don’t play any fancy tricks or fuckery. We want to reward the diamond-handed hodlers with good, old fashioned reflection paired with our proprietary hyper-deflationary tokenomics! YES! THAT IS YOU! COMING TO THE MOON WITH US!

Security: Initial liquidity locked for 12 months (here) and contract bloodily dismembered by auditors on Solidity (here). The contract is public (here) and on github (Check it out here).


Although we choose to remain anonymous for now, we believe our efforts will never go unnoticed. We will have continual live AMA coverage discussing every aspect of PSYCHODOGE. We plan on doing a massive amount of contests with our community to make sure everybody can be involved and participate in the growth of PSYCHODOGE. The bigger PSYCHODOGE gets, the more we will give back to the community and grow into a household name. Our goal is to have the community become part of our amazing team, and have fun getting rich together! CORE TEAM MEMBER’S MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT HAS MULTI-SIGNATURE WALLET ENABLED THAT REQUIRES 7 SIGNATURES OUT OF 9 DIFFERENT TO MOVE ANY FUNDS FROM ANY OF THE WALLETS! This is to ensure optimal security for everyone in the PSYCHO DOGE community!

We plan on getting the community directly involved with moderating the chat, creating Telegram channels with different languages, and the overall future of PSYCHODOGE… Our team will always be 100% transparent every step of the way!



You know the moniker



Total smash and grab

160 quadrillion

50% burned on launch

Where the tokens are at






2022 +

join THE MADNESS, fucknuts

Download Trust Wallet or Metamask (or another wallet of choice) from the App Store or Google Play. Set up your wallet and make sure you save your private keys (DON’T GIVE THIS INFORMATION TO ANYBODY)

Send BNB to your wallet. Two ways to get there, use an exchange (Binance, Kraken, etc.), or top up your Trust Wallet / Metamask using your wallet’s native app to buy BNB directly.


Get into PancakeSwap via native Dapp in your wallet and type how much BNB you would like to swap for $PSYCHODOGE and set the slippage tolerance to 12% – 14% (sometimes it may be a bit more, depending on how much demand there is). Ditch the BNB you no longer need for $PSYCHODOGE using this contract address: 0xd4cdbd31f55c6f06b267809b5eca0f0c257c8a6a

NOW HODL YOU FUCKING PAPER-HANDED RETARD! You will be receiving $PSYCHODOGE automatically to your wallet… Not to mention watching $PSYCHODOGE go up in value! Yes. We know. It’s nuts. The dog’s bollocks, in fact.



  • PSYCHODOGE is a proprietary, hyper-deflationary token with a classic, simple-as-fuck, reflection technology. We have a tax on both buys and sells. On buys, 2% goes to our marketing wallet, 3% goes to auto liquidity, and 4% goes to $PSYCHODOGE hodlers. On sells, 2% goes to our marketing wallet 3% goes to auto liquidity, and 6% goes to $PSYCHODOGE hodlers. All to benefit our PSYCHOPATHS! Check out our contract here! Buy $PSYCHODOGE here!

We have a leading crypto marketing team with some heavy hitters on board! This project is going to take flight in ways that you have NEVER seen with any other crypto project EVER! This isn’t just a token to us, this project is VERY important to us, and we plan on growing this franchise out with a vast array of marketing tactics such as good old fashion organic social media methods – you’ve seen some of our graphics and videos. Stay tuned to see some amazing shit! We are going to be working with MAJOR Crypto influencers on every single social media platforms, along with banner advertisements on major platforms such as Btok, Poocoin, CoinGecko, Dxsale, Coinsniper, and CoinZilla to name a few. We also plan on launching major PR marketing campaigns on major finance platforms like Cointelegraph and Yahoo Finance in the future. Stay tuned for major partnerships with celebs and/or a famous musician/rapper. Most importantly we need our PSYCHODOG ARMY. Join us today and help us all shill and help us get to the moon together!

Please visit our Telegram Channel (here). An admin and/or team member will be available to answer any questions. Or drop us an email PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY MESSAGES OF PEOPLE CLAIMING TO BE US – WE WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST! (UNLESS YOU’RE HOT…) AND NEVER TAKE ANY ACTION WITHOUT READING OUR PINNED MESSAGES FIRST! RTFP… Goddit? Simples.